A New Deal for the Gulf Coast

A New Deal for the Gulf Coast

Support the Gulf Coast Civic Works Project, and push Obama and Edwards to do the same (should we even bother with Clinton?). The basic idea is, let those affected by the 2005 hurricanes go to work on the reconstruction. Watch Edwards on New Orleans, check out "The Lower 9th Battles Back" in The Nation, and then read and circulate the important report from Gulf Coast Reconstruction Watch, who write:

"On September 15, 2005, President Bush pledged that our nation would 'do what it takes, and stay as long as it takes,' to rebuild the Gulf Coast. Yet over 60,000 people are still in 'temporary' FEMA trailers, and houses, hospitals and schools across the region remain shuttered. For thousands of people, the Katrina recovery has failed.

"[Blueprint for Gulf Renewal: The Katrina Crisis and a Community Agenda for Action (pdf)], published in collaboration with Oxfam America and the Jewish Funds for Justice, looks at 80 statistical indicators and draws on interviews with more than 40 Gulf Coast leaders to identify roadblocks to recovery, and ways federal leaders can tackle critical needs in the region like housing, jobs and coastal protection.

"The study also features 'Where did the Katrina money go?'--an in-depth analysis of federal Katrina spending since 2005. The Institute reveals that, out of the $116 billion in Katrina funds allocated, less than 30% has gone towards long-term rebuilding--and less than half of that 30% has been spent, much less reached those most in need."

New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, two years later:

http://neworleansmusiciansclinic.org http://southernstudies.org/gulfwatch http://studenthurricanenetwork.org http://www.survivorsvillage.com http://louisianamusicfactory.com http://www.solvingpoverty.com http://squanderedheritage.com http://commongroundrelief.org http://justiceforneworleans.org http://drkingcharterschool.org http://handsonneworleans.org http://stopglobalwarming.org http://bestofneworleans.com http://tipitinasfoundation.org http://americaswetland.com http://childrensdefense.org http://www.zenithsvs.com http://acorn.org/katrina http://reneworleans.net http://katrinaaction.org http://nojazzfest.com http://dirtycoast.com http://vatul.net/blog http://satchmo.com http://nolevee.com http://thegyac.org http://cleanno.org http://offbeat.com http://levees.org http://wwltv.com http://nomrf.org http://wdsu.com http://wwoz.org http://nola.com

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