50 comics in a box

The International Cartoonist Conspiracy has issued another collectible box of mini-comics by local artists, a follow-up to last year's Lutefisk Sushi Volume A, available at Creative Electric Studios (gallery hours: Saturdays, 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.). Lutefisk Sushi Volume B contains 50 comix for $25, including such items as Maxeem Konrardy's The Brown Blood--a satire of coffee's accepted/destructive role in the Third World ("Ahh, that's a good village")--bound in what looks like basket-weaving, and Jenny Schmid's 2-square-inch-sized The Last Supper, about the guinea pig's place in Czech art--"It's a long story."

Lutefisk participants show their original art at Creative Electric through April 22 (a week from this weekend), including a special display of work by box designer and "Roadkill Bill" cartoonist Ken Avidor. Amid Avidor's covers for Screw and Pulse of the Twin Cities in the newly expanded backroom, you'll find his 1987 album cover for Halo of Flies' Garbage Rock (Twin Tone) and a cartoon of Ronald McDonald threatening First Avenue with a Hard Rock Cafe guitar. Climb the ladder to the "smut hut" of the loft, and you'll see a Screw-published caricature of Andrea Dworkin, a cartoon of Mikhail Gorbachev sodomizing George Herbert Walker Bush, and (if these put you in the mood) a bed. (Note: This article appeared recently in City Pages, but not online.)

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