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2008 Beijing Olympics: 10-meter platform

China. I love you. I love your great wall, your bubble building that seems like an indirect nod to LCD Soundsystem and your tiny, teenage athletes. I know some folks are bitter that a 14 year old who looks like 9 year old swiped away a medal from a Russian who is really a true blue Texan, but I forgive you. My love is real.

Most of it centers on your divers. Yes, Phelps and Bolt are turning the games into a two-man show, but your divers are turning heads. American heads specifically.

Last night, at Axel's Bonfire bar in St. Paul conversation was a tiny trickle. It was do to flawless executions of reverse somersaults in tuck positions, completed with minimal splash. One guy paused his buddy’s bar story to watch the gold medal dives of Ruolin Chen.

And despite airing alongside the gold medal volleyball match --where USA rocked it in see through skimpys-- fellow men at the bar didn’t seem to mind when the cameras went back to the 10-meter platform finals. While it lacked the two-pieces, it made up for it with intrigue. Can Chen complete the dominance shown here in Beijing? Will she inherit the thrown of Guo Jingjing? Did anyone in a Minnesota bar care about this two weeks ago?

China, you had the entire bar shaking their heads in unison. For those accustom to cannon-ball only entries into pools, seeing a body knife into the water with little to no ripple or splash leaves one dumbfounded. It’s really amazing and humbling to watch.

Your divers placed a spell on us with ease.

So thank you.

-The semi-intoxicated guys at the Bonfire

PS: We’ll gladly trade you Kobe for Jingjing.

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