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Best Venue Name Minneapolis 2014 - Fuck Mountain

Need underground cred? Head to Fuck Mountain. Somewhere in the vicinity of south Minneapolis's Wedge neighborhood, the tiny basement venue has hosted some loud live music events recently. (It would be supremely uncool to print the address.) The name is not a literal description of the space, so don't bother showing up for the wrong reasons, sickos. If biking from another neighborhood seems like too much of a jaunt for a Thursday night, just say, "I bet they're having a merry old time over at Fuck Mountain tonight." That ought to raise a few eyebrows.

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Author, feel free to comment and let us know why you wrote this.

Sounds like "I heard someone call a house venue 'Fuck Mountain' and I thought it was interesting so I moaned about it on CityPages instead of actually checking it out because thinking is hard work and I don't want to talk to anyone who is actually interested in music."


Need mainstream cred? Read City Pages.


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