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Best Sushi Minneapolis 2014 - Bagu Sushi

Bagu Sushi

Bagu Sushi

4741 Chicago Ave.

Minneapolis, MN 55407


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Readers' Choice: Fuji-ya

Bagu is the type of sushi restaurant that feels like it could exist in a bigger city. Its small, cozy space is posh yet urban, and feels like the sort of spot one might frequent in Chicago or Manhattan. Folks craving nigiri won't be disappointed, as the menu offers fresh selections of salmon, escolar, and sea bass that will melt in your mouth, while the roe varieties provide a salty pop of deliciousness. However, Ba-Gu is probably most revered for its maki, a selection of rolls that are creative but steer clear of gimmicks. Popular and tasty picks include the crunchy shrimp tempura roll with roe and asparagus; the Three Wise Guys roll, with yellowtail tuna, smelt roe, and tempura flakes; and the Sun Rise, which combines seared tuna, grated ginger, and shiso in a paper-thin wrapping of fresh mango.

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I actually think a sushi bar should be simple and without fuss especially on revenue. The simplest is often the best for Bagu sushi restaurant. I know a restaurant also in Paris that is substantially the same style called