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Best Radio Station Minneapolis 2014 - 89.3 the Current

89.3 the Current

480 Cedar Street

St. Paul, MN 55101


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Readers' Choice: 89.3 the Current

As radio claws for any sort of relevance, 89.3 the Current has done a lot to position itself outside the dial's limiting confines. Yes, the DJs are knowledgable and some of the best on-air companions around, and the ties to the local community feel organic. A mix of emergent and critically acclaimed artists is not enough to stay afloat for nine years, though. Online, the Current is a formidable music news source, a way to get a look at bands visiting the studios on a weekly basis, and a portal to streaming the station's regular service as well as a local-only option. As an event planner, the station has targeted well-heeled arts fans with Rock the Garden, parents with Rock the Cradle, and local boosters of all ranks with the birthday parties. It's very Minnesota Public Radio, but also very shrewd.

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