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Best Pizza Minneapolis 2014 - Hello Pizza

Hello Pizza

Hello Pizza

3904 Sunnyside Road

Minneapolis, MN 55424


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Readers' Choice: Pizza Lucé

Frou frou toppings and unexpected ingredient combos do have their place in the world of pizza, but no amount of lobster meat or truffle oil can disguise a crappy crust. That's why we salute the New York-inspired pizza that Ann Kim makes at Hello Pizza, her casual, by-the-slice concept in Edina. Pizzas here are topped simply with a sweet crushed tomato sauce and stuff like fennel-speckled house-made sausage, daubs of fresh ricotta cheese, or thick hunks of house-cured maple bacon. The pies are baked in a deck oven until the edges are bubbled up, all puffy, crisp, and flavorful while the underside stays floppy so you can do that fold-and-eat on-the-go thing. But really, the most notable point about Hello's pizza is its overall lightness: Flavors and texture win out over grease and salt, which is not to say that you won't be satisfied by one generous slice, but you also won't need a fistful of napkins to go along with it. If you decide to stay and dine in, be sure to get a ticket to pose for a sitting in the Hello photobooth. You'll want to document yourself when you have that optimal post-pizza glow going on.

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