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Best Pet Store Minneapolis 2014 - Chuck & Don's

Chuck & Don's

335 Central Ave. SE

Minneapolis, MN 55414


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For over two decades, locally owned Chuck & Don's has been the premium pet food outlet in Minnesota, vending treats, food, toys, and accessories in its 20 locations across the greater Twin Cities region (plus five in Colorado, should you take a wrong turn and wind up a thousand miles away with a hungry pup in tow). From the flagship shop in Eagan to the outpost in Elk River, Chuck & Don's keeps companion animals happy with tasty chews, toys, and food that's often more nutritionally sound than the stuff we feed ourselves. If you're a stickler for quality, then you're familiar with the sticker shock of select pet food brands, but Chuck & Don's has a kick-ass loyalty rewards program with plenty of coupons to keep your spending habit in check. Not that you'd be judged for going a little overboard pampering your favorite four-legged friend. Trust us, the knowledgeable staff at Chuck & Don's totally gets it.

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