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Best Movie Theater Minneapolis 2014 - The Riverview

The Riverview

The Riverview

3800 42nd Ave. S.

Minneapolis, MN 55406


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The Riverview is the kind of place where conversion experiences happen. Those who know the theater are evangelical about it. Those who don't — let this be your excuse to get to Longfellow. Heading south into the neighborhood, you'll pass by the Blue Door Pub (hint: a Blucy makes for good pre-movie eating) and the excellent Riverview Wine Bar (pre-movie drinking), and then the historic theater's classic marquee will come into focus. You'll walk in, and you'll forget about the big-box multiplexes, about the $9 price tag on the latest 3D release, and about how often you've been watching movies alone on your tiny phone screen. Let the Riverview soothe you. Your own conversion might happen at the ticket booth, when you pay $3 for a second-run ticket ($2 for matinees or any show on Tuesdays). It might happen when you look at the theater's special programming, like the always-packed annual spring Hitchcock Festival. Maybe it will be when you're people-watching in the 1950s lobby, or when you're rocking back in the auditorium's comfortable, recently upgraded seats. By the time you leave, you'll realize: The Riverview's the kind of neighborhood hub that reminds us that we're all in this together.

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I have been living in Minneapolis for 10 years..and working for Minneapolis web design firm. In my point of view, the Riverview get great prices, real butter on the popcorn, perfect for a matinee with the kids or date night. Love it! 

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