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Best Liquor Store Minneapolis 2014 - Falls Liquor

Falls Liquor

4604 Minnehaha Ave

Minneapolis, MN 55406


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Readers' Choice: Surdyk's Liquor & Cheese Shop

There are bigger liquor stores, and cheaper ones, and arguably more popular ones. But when it comes down to it, the opportunity to turn off Hiawatha, take less than a quarter-mile drive (or walk, for you LRT commuters), and find yourself with more craft beers and fine wines than you know what to do with is an opportunity that must be taken. The family-owned Falls Liquor is one of the better-kept secrets in south Minneapolis, an old-school liquor store retrofitted to offer a preposterous selection that caters to oenophiles, beer geeks, and casual drinkers alike. Their frequent specials and tastings (wine every Friday night, beer frequently throughout the week) are educational enough to draw repeat visitors and broaden palates. And with the vast majority of their craft beer stock sold cold — including the pick-and-mix sixers, sold by the bottle without extra markup — there's nothing keeping you from downing your brew nice and frosty the moment you get home.

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Although it's definitely not a bad store, there is NO way Falls Liquor is the best liquor store in Minneapolis!  They do have a decent selection of craft beer, but a lot of the employees seem crabby and don't give the vibe that they want to answer questions, help you, etc.  Plus the selection can only be so good considering the size of the store.  I seriously question the claim that they have over 500 craft beers....


You've got to be kidding me. There are half a dozen better liquor stores in south Minneapolis alone! Like another commenter said, Elevated is superior in almost every way. 


Wow is this a joke? A liquor store with better selection, twice as much cold micro brews and a staff that actually knows what they're talking about just so happens to be RIGHT on Hiawatha four or five blocks closer to the city.  The only thing that Falls has going for it is that their mix six packs are a little cheaper but with 200-300 more single selections at the other neighborhood store I'll take that any day.


@huntersmith They are just Trolling per usual. There is no way in hell they are the best liquor store in Minneapolis. Elevated crushes them, so does Zipps, Stinson, France 44!


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