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Best Kept Secret Minneapolis 2014 - UniDeli



2015 E. 24th St.

Minneapolis, MN 55404


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If you've shopped at United Noodles, you've probably seen UniDeli, a small sit-down deli in the middle of the store. It looks slightly out of place, with a mid-size barrier separating it from the rest of the store, but we're willing to move past its awkward placement for the chance to slurp down another bowl of UniDeli's delicious pork ramen. The deli offers three varieties of ramen — each served with ginger, bok choy, scallions, and a tea egg — as well as udon, tempura, and dumplings. A number of Japanese dishes, like agedashi tofu, nabeyaki udon, and gyudon were recently added to the menu by UniDeli's new Japanese chef, Kosuke Zaworski. Prices are reasonable, with most items available for just under $10. Maybe you don't need a 50-pound bag of rice or freeze-dried octopi, but it's worth heading to United Noodles all the same, if only for a quick and delicious meal at UniDeli.

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Uh yes, this is definitely one of the best kept secrets in the Twin Cities.


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