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Best Cocktail for Putting Hair on Your Chest Minneapolis 2014 - The Corn n' Oil at the Torpedo Room

The Corn n\' Oil at the Torpedo Room

The Corn n' Oil at the Torpedo Room

18 W. 26th St.

Minneapolis, MN 55408


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If you wander into a room adorned with a giant swordfish and see a bar man clad in a floral print shirt, it's safe to assume that there are drinks inside this establishment served with a little paper umbrella. But you don't want some little frou-frou baby girl drink. No! You are going to drink like a man! A man who is not interested in sipping anything from a tiny little straw. Oh no. You work out. You need an excuse to flex some hard-earned muscle. You need a drink that will sprout a few extra chest hairs — and that is the Corn n' Oil at the Torpedo Room inside Eat Street Social. There's a reason the bar's thatched roof overhang has been doused with a flame retardant: A mixture of Gamle Ode Aquavit, house-made falernum, lime juice, Bittercube bitters, and a float of rum is finished with a flame, which the bartender draws up into the air in a magnificent burst of manly power. These bartenders have conquered the elements and you will conquer this spirit-soaked, smoke-kissed beauty. Leave the snow cones for the little ones, and quaff this hell-raising bad-boy concoction.

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