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Best Classic Pancakes Minneapolis 2014 - Neighborhood Cafe

Neighborhood Cafe

Neighborhood Cafe

1570 Selby Ave.

St. Paul, MN 55104


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We know there will always be the Al's Breakfast die-hards who refuse to get pancakes anywhere else, but if you like to eat your flapjacks without someone hovering over you, waiting in a vulture-like state for your seat, make the Neighborhood Cafe on Selby Avenue your new short-stack destination. Perfectly portioned, super fluffy, a bit tangy thanks to the buttermilk, and lacy at the edges (a characteristic only achieved by fresh whisking and the right amount of baking powder), the pancakes here are the standard by which other plain pancakes should be measured. Get them as a side to share with the table or order a single cake as your reward for polishing off a plate of Hollandaise-slathered Cajun breakfast with Andouille sausage, one of the cafe's specialties.

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So the "Best Classic Minneapolic Pancakes" are to be found in SAINT PAUL? Yay Saint Paul!!


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