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Best Alternative Fries Minneapolis 2014 - Curried mushroom fries at the Moral Omnivore

No, sweet potato fries no longer count as alternative. For a truly different take on the classic fried vegetable stick, look out for the Moral Omnivore's big green food truck, which debuted at the start of the 2013 season. The idea of a mushroom turned into a fry might sound questionable — sacrilegious, even. But the Moral Omnivore's offering nails the delicate balance of tasty veggie side and fried snack. To pull it off, the couple behind the food truck takes strips of meaty Portobello mushrooms, breads them, fries them, and tops them with curry seasoning. The resulting fries have crunchy exteriors that yield to creamy centers, and are served up with a mustard dipping sauce. It's okay to lick your fingers.

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