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Best Wine Shop Minneapolis 2013 - The Wine Thief

The Wine Thief

The Wine Thief

1787 St. Clair Ave.

St Paul, MN 55105


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Readers' Choice: Surdyk's

There is no need to feel even a twinge of embarrassment that you're looking for a wine to pair with a jalapeño-and-bacon-topped pizza or eggrolls from the greasy chow mein spot down the street. Even if you're just looking for a wine to pair with sitting on the couch and watching 2 Broke Girls, the staff at the Wine Thief won't judge, and they can likely recommend the perfect bottle. There is no reason for wine to be intimidating or highly expensive. Inside this shop almost all bottles are under $25, and the descriptions it provides aren't just cut out from Wine Spectator. Each listing provides useful information about what the wine works best with and what flavors you can expect to find. The shop's wine tastings feel more like hanging out with new friends than snobby lectures insisting that you taste tobacco in your plastic cup of red wine. It's great fun for finding new varieties, rediscovering old favorites, or picking up a nice champagne for the price of beer. Plus, the store is pooch friendly.

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Do you know where some good wine shops on the upper west side? I need to find somewhere closer to my place.


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