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Best Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurant Minneapolis 2013 - Birdhouse - CLOSED



2516 Hennepin Ave. S

Minneapolis, MN 55405


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Readers' Choice: French meadow

Though it's not strictly a meat-free establishment, Stewart and Heidi Woodman's Birdhouse on Hennepin has all the makings of a great vegetarian restaurant: rich yet spritely appetizers like minted sweet pea pate, portioned to share; elegant egg dishes (for those who swing that way); hearty entrees like barley risotto with brawny mushrooms; and even vegan options — like eggplant croquettes with romesco sauce — that don't feel like an afterthought. But perhaps Birdhouse's greatest strength is that it isn't exclusively catering to diners with dietary restrictions; rather, its aim is to serve everyone (kids included) tasty, whole, and healthful options at any given time of day. So fear not if you're going out to eat in mixed company: You'll feel just as at home ordering short ribs and a tequila cocktail as you would ordering a vegetable juice spritzer and baby kale salad.

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For the life of me, I cannot understand why this place is being noted as healthy.  Everything they have is covered in cream and butter.  There were zero vegan options on the menu when we went - and they had a hard time accommodating non-dairy anything.  Very sad state of affairs.  So many better options in town -


Better options:

Modern Times Cafe or Triple Rock for greasy spoon.

Thai, Vietname or Indian restaurants, like the all-vegetarian Dosa King.

Travail or Victory 44 if you want your vegetables fancy.