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Best Tamales Minneapolis 2013 - La Loma Tamales

La Loma Tamales

La Loma Tamales

920 E. Lake St.

Minneapolis, MN 55407


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Tacos and burritos get all the attention. Hell, people even talk about Potato Olés more than tamales. Anyone who has picked up La Loma's food at Midtown Global Market, one of its downtown offshoots, or via catering at a public event, knows better. Made from stoneground corn and steamed in a corn husk, tamales sometimes get a bad rap as dry or mealy. Not at La Loma, which has been serving these moist and hearty treats since 1999, making them from scratch each morning and often selling out of product before closing time. For extra kick, add the red and green salsas to either the meat or vegetarian options. The company has made such a name for itself that you can even pick up a frozen version at select metro stores to bring home.

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