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Best Takeout Minneapolis 2013 - Foxy Falafel

Foxy Falafel

Foxy Falafel

791 Raymond Ave.

St Paul, MN 55114


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It's almost an unfair leg up for a business built on the go to qualify as best takeout. When Foxy Falafel began as a farmers' market staple, there were no eating options other than taking it away. However, with the new restaurant space in this adorable corner of St. Paul, conveniently close to both U of M campuses, owner Erica Strait has made it even easier to take her tasty food for a ride. Her fantastically crispy, herby falafels are easily packaged to go, hot or cold. The cold case is also stuffed with snack packs, so falafel fans can get their fix on the fly. Whether planning ahead or getting a hot sandwich for dashboard dining, you'll find that the wholesome food at this new restaurant is ideal for the famished food fan who is short on time.

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