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Best Salvage Minneapolis 2013 - Guilded Salvage Antiques

Guilded Salvage Antiques

4430 Lyndale Avenue N.

Minneapolis, MN 55412


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If you've ever looked for an antique drawer pull to match the one that fell off your cabinets years ago, or a funky chandelier to hang in your studio space, you've no doubt visited one of the several quirky salvage shops in the Twin Cities. You've also no doubt been overwhelmed by room after room of floor-to-ceiling junk, as well as by sometimes astronomical prices. For a shopping experience that's a little easier on the eyes, patience, and pocketbook, head first to Guilded Salvage Antiques in the Camden neighborhood of north Minneapolis. This reasonably sized shop is generally more fairly priced than its competitors and is more carefully curated and less overwhelming, with its stock well-displayed and organized. While it's the go-to place in town for lighting and hardware, you'll find all sorts of other good stuff here, too, from doors and tubs to cupboards or some funky design elements for your garden. Most of its stock is from local houses circa 1880-1940, so it's the perfect place to go if you're working on a home renovation but want to maintain a historical style or patina. And the real reason we dig this place so much? It's hands-down the friendliest shop in town.

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What a fantastic shopping/scouting/dreaming about/planning experience!  And the owners are definitely the friendliest, most knowledgeable,  and organized, shop owners anywhere.  Some of the displays could be photographed as art because of the arrangement of items and the lighting. They must have the right combination of everything, to draw buyers who are willing to travel there from many miles away, so they are the best salvage shop in the Twin Cities, and probably in the five-state area!   Julie Johnson, Bemidji, MN