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Best Rock Band Minneapolis 2013 - Prissy Clerks

Readers' Choice: Cloud Cult

One of the things that always keeps us coming to back to rock bands is that, well, sometimes they're just bratty. In Prissy Clerks, we found a band with just the right mixture of pop-power sugariness and sneering 'tude. Sure, some pretty experienced hands are in this group — the fingerprints of former Red Pens ace Howard Hamilton are all over the place — but this is first and foremost Clara Salyer's vehicle, and she navigates it well through a minefield of youthful confusion and expectation. She coos about getting older, falling in love, and making bad decisions, her voice blending into near-harmonies with the slashing, buzzing drone of electric guitars. When Salyer, with sarcasm in full gear, declares, "Everybody says that everybody dies/But everybody's wrong 'cause everybody lies," we're old enough to know better — but it's just too fun not to play along anyway.

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