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Best Neighborhood Minneapolis 2013 - Longfellow


2727 26th Avenue S.

Minneapolis, MN 55406


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Readers' Choice: Northeast

With dining and entertainment options like the quirky Trylon Microcinema, the deliciously affordable Midori's Floating World Cafe, Gandhi Mahal's temptingly aromatic Indian food, Peace Coffee's dine-in Minnehaha shop, and the British Isles-inspired Merlins Rest, Longfellow is a neighborhood that's been coming up in the world these past few years, all the while holding tight to its working-class sensibilities. But the neighborhood seems larger than just that, and rightly so; the adjoining 'hoods of Cooper, Howe, and Hiawatha have jumped on the Longfellow bandwagon and are often lumped in with it. Within this larger "Longfellow" you'll find the brand-new Forage Modern Workshop, Parka restaurant, Hymie's Vintage Records, the oh-so-cute Corazon gift shop, the Minnehaha Free Space, Turtle Bread, a brand-new Blue Door Pub location (or, more accurately, a long line waiting to get in that blue door), Mother Earth Gardens, E's Emporium, Elevated Beer, Wine and Spirits, the Riverview Theater, Leviticus Tattoo, Craftsman restaurant ... phew! Need we even mention four of the community's greatest amenities — the river to the east, the Greenway to the north, the Hiawatha LRT line to the west, and Minnehaha Falls to the south? Throw in the League of Longfellow Artists (LoLa) Art Crawl, now entering its fifth year, the area's lovingly maintained bungalows, an impressively active community council, and a moniker chosen in honor of a very romantic poet, and south Minneapolis has itself a real winner.

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I would add to that list the conspicuously absent Harriet Brewing (along with their Rauchfest summer music festival), Patrick's Cabaret (and their summer music fest), the almost-in Longfellow Hexagon Bar and the newly remodeled and always friendly Longfellow Grill. Now, just wishing someone would develop the long shuttered Riverside Clubhouse on Lake Street!