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Best Movie Theater Minneapolis 2013 - Riverview Theater

Riverview Theater

Riverview Theater

3800 42nd Ave. S.

Minneapolis, MN 55406


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It's a second-run theater that shows art-house flicks and independent documentaries. A retro-vintage throwback that feels as new and shiny as a recently built suburban multiplex. A luxurious movie palace that sits on the kind of neighborhood corner usually reserved for convenience stores or walk-in pizza joints. The Riverview fills so many roles that its old-fashioned, single-screen setup and non-auditorium seating feel beside the point. With a rotating repertoire that fits in kid-friendly matinees, recent blockbusters, and late-night cult classics in the same day, it's as worthy of an impulse trip as a scroll through Netflix Instant, with prices that will get you a ticket and concessions for the cost of admission alone at any other theater.

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