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Best Korean Restaurant Minneapolis 2013 - Kimchi Tofu House

Kimchi Tofu House

307 SE Oak St.

Minneapolis, MN 55414


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Except for a few places along Snelling Avenue in St. Paul and Hoban in Eagan, it seems like we have a real dearth of Korean restaurants in the Twin Cities. Perhaps that's why students and top chefs like Doug Flicker of Piccolo seemed to breathe a sigh of satisfaction when Kimchi Tofu House opened near the U of M. The Soondobu jigae — a steaming, bubbling mini-cauldron of creamy, uncurdled tofu, a mix of meats, earthy vegetables, and a raw egg cracked into the hot broth to finish cooking — is one of the restaurant's signatures, but it also does comforting Korean classics to a T. There are bountiful bowls of bibimbap, sizzling bulgogi served on a hot stone platter, spicy vegetarian snacks, and portions that will leave enough for lunch the next day. This small, tidy restaurant is an affordable gem that's well worth a special trip to Stadium Village.

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