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Best Coffee Shop Minneapolis 2013 - Peace Coffee Shop

Peace Coffee Shop

Peace Coffee Shop

3262 Minnehaha Ave. S.

Minneapolis, MN 55406


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Readers' Choice: Caribou

We have long been fans of Peace Coffee, our ubiquitous local roaster, not only for its coffee products but for its involvement in the community and its work with fair trade and sustainability around the world. So when Peace opened its own coffee shop two years ago, nestled near the convergence of the Longfellow and Seward neighborhoods, we were already predisposed to like it. And we did. Now that we've had some time to get to know the place, it hasn't lost any of its charms; if anything, our appreciation has grown. The drinks, of course, are top-notch, from the dark roast to the lattes to the chai teas — each one enhanced that little bit by the details of its presentation. But it's the space itself, that great intangible of any coffee shop, that works so well for Peace. The brightly colored walls, the wide-open feel from the large picture windows, and the hip-but-not-annoyingly-hip jams pumping over the stereo are just the thing to make you want to curl up for a few hours with a good book, or a hot date.

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