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Best Choreographer Minneapolis 2013 - Chris Schlichting

Choreographer Chris Schlichting teamed up with visual artist Terrence Payne to create Matching Drapes at Red Eye earlier this year. The tightly wrought work, framed within a strikingly stark, flower-patterned set, was filled with fine character subtleties, intelligent movement choices, and the cleverest hints of subversion. Schlichting's dancers (Mary Ann Bradley, Krista Langberg, Dustin Maxwell, Laura Selle Virtucio, and Max Wirsing) dug deep into his choreographic choices to realize a completely original vision of a world wholly defined by the unsettling dichotomies between beauty and its opposites. This artist proved that a well designed, perfectly cast, and thoughtfully realized work does not need to be epic in scope to make a lasting impact.

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