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Best Buffet Minneapolis 2013 - Big Marina Grill & Deli

Big Marina Grill & Deli

Big Marina Grill & Deli

4755 Central Ave. NE

Columbia Heights, MN 55421


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As if the rows and rows of bright green falafel, smoky baba ghanoush, roasted bone-in chicken, and grilled vegetables with saffron rice weren't enough to fill your plate and your belly at Big Marina in Columbia Heights, this year it's added three new buffet counters. Now there's room for meat of every type imaginable, from tender braised lamb shanks to fried shrimp to garlicky ground kofta, which is like the greatest mini meatloaf you've ever had. At the end of the line you'll find a menagerie of beautifully golden phyllo-wrapped and honey-drizzled desserts and minty hot tea and fountain soda, all for $12 a person. Prepare for your visit to Big Marina the way you would for Thanksgiving dinner. Oh, and and wear something forgiving — this buffet has a tendency to give you a food baby.

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