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Best Bike Ride Minneapolis 2013 - Freedom From Pants Ride

Freedom From Pants Ride

Freedom From Pants Ride

514 2nd St. SE

Minneapolis, MN 55414


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It might seem counterintuitive to try to ride a bike sans pants. However, the annual Freedom From Pants Ride asks participants to do just that. And they do, with great enthusiasm. Last year's Fourth of July gathering was a blast, despite scorching summertime temps. Along the way, riders high-fived pedestrians (a few were inspired to strip to their skivvies as well), passed around flasks, shared six-packs of beer (where did they keep them?), squirted one another with water guns, and even took a dip in Lake Calhoun. The experience was, well, freeing. Who knew that riding (almost) in the buff could be so much fun?

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