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Best Beer List Minneapolis 2013 - Groveland Tap

Groveland Tap

Groveland Tap

1834 St. Clair Ave.

St. Paul, MN 55105


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The Groveland Tap has been a reputable and welcome Mac-Groveland institution for local families and generations of Macalaster, St. Thomas, and St. Catherine's students. The bar isn't just a cozy nook in one of St. Paul's most charming neighborhoods, though. The pub has upped its beer game, now boasting about 35 tap lines with a varied, rotating selection and a staff that can offer suggestions and answer questions with the best of them. While parking and seating may be in short supply, the flowing tap lines are not. Get your lovely locals such as Harriet, Surly, and Indeed, or take in some of the country's finest craft beers from the likes of Odell, Founders, and Bell's at the fittingly named Groveland Tap.

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I think Groveland Tap's happy hour pushes it ahead.


I like Groveland Tap. I really do. Best Best List? Yeah...not so much. Republic in Uptown. Happy Gnome. Muddy Pig. All well above the Groveland Tap.


1. muddy pigĀ 

2. happy gnome

3.republic (NOTE: top 3 are a toss up!)

4. groveland / busters (tie)

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