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Best Bartender Minneapolis 2013 - Rob Jones at Saffron

Rob Jones at Saffron

Rob Jones at Saffron

123 N. 3rd St.

Minneapolis, MN 55401


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A good bartender can smooth out the rough edges on a bumpy night. An inspired cocktail creator can elevate a drinking scene to new heights. The balance of these two talents embodied in one soul is not easily found. Chemists aren't always known for their outgoing personalities. Bartenders who love to provide exceptional service for customers don't always want to tinker with their drinks in the off-hours. Rob Jones is one of those bartenders who not only balances the two worlds, he excels in both. He's known for the refined cocktails he served back when he was at Meritage, and for those he's serving now behind the bar at Saffron. Jones also transformed the humble beer and wine cocktails into huge hits at the new World Street Kitchen restaurant. Beyond his liquid art, Jones is always a kind, affable soul who genuinely cares about the experience of his customers.

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I appreciate the way you discuss the two sides of a barman: offering personal comfort and delivering professional creativity. Rob is truly exceptional at both.


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