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Best Tattoo Parlor Minneapolis 2012 - Leviticus Tattoo

Leviticus Tattoo

Leviticus Tattoo

4109 E. Lake St.

Minneapolis, MN 55406


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Nestled on the very east end of Lake Street, in a garage-type space that only from the outside looks unassuming, sits Leviticus Tattoo, a longtime dream realized and executed by owner/tattooist/art collector Kurt Melancon. It should be disclosed that Melancon illustrated the cover of this very issue and some of the drawings inside after we spent about a year admiring his work on the flesh of friends, co-workers, and readers. The strength of Leviticus lies not only in its impeccable new digs, cleanliness, and overall decor, but in its careful artists and their artistic visions. They'll transfer an image brought from home exactly as-is or, preferably and probably for better results, expand on it to make it unique. Whether you're a first timer or an ink aficionado, you'll find that the tattoo artists here know how to deliver the best experience, and that's what makes the inevitable pain a bit more of a pleasure.

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Kirsten Tonny Lid-Solomon
Kirsten Tonny Lid-Solomon

Congrats Kurt and crew, from your only partially filled canvasses,Kirsten and Louie at White River Saloon!

Ana Clara Voog
Ana Clara Voog

just got my tattoo here a few hours ago, saran wrap still on my arm. i come here and find out they won best tattoo! awesome :) thanks for making my birthday special, i love my spool and thread tattoo. thanks kurt! :)