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Best Sledding Minneapolis 2012 - College Park

College Park

2223 Carter Ave.

St Paul, MN 55108


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In St. Paul's picturesque Saint Anthony Park neighborhood there exists a charming little rectangle of land known as College Park. The park is shaped like a basin. On its southern rim are a basketball court, two tennis courts, and a small playground, but those are irrelevant here: What is important is that all four sides of the park feature varying degrees of slope, with lots of open space at the bottom. So when the park is covered in snow, anyone wanting to sit on a piece of slick plastic and slide downhill have multiple levels of incline to choose from — including, yes, one that's known as "Suicide Hill." Very young kids and people old enough to complain of backaches can select a gentle ride, while teens and tweens can risk their lives cruising at top speeds and maneuvering around trees, all within view of one another. While this past winter was unkind to sledding enthusiasts, that kind of luck (whether you consider it good or bad) can't last, so next season will likely bring more opportunities for this kind of free, old-fashioned fun.

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