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Best Service Minneapolis 2012 - The Strip Club Meat & Fish

The Strip Club Meat & Fish

The Strip Club Meat & Fish

378 Maria Ave.

St. Paul, MN 55106


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The Strip Club Meat & Fish proves that excellent service doesn't have to come with a ram-up-the-rear stiffness. The serving staff is full of good-looking faces quick with a smile and knowing nod of the head. Many of them have been with the team since it opened. Tim Niver, part owner, is ever present, handling everything from greeting guests to mixing drinks to running food. Dan Oskey rules behind the bar and keeps a running inventory of guests' favorite drinks, often remembering a diner's preference after one trip in. Each member of the staff seems intent on making sure that everyone who walks through those gothic doors has a good time. The room rocks like a kick-ass dinner party, serving fun food and killer drinks and welcoming each diner in on the good times.

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Totally agree. Stellar service. Hats off. Thanks guys, for making date night special!


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