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Best Place to Meet Single Women (Straight) Minneapolis 2012 - Hipshaker at the Kitty Cat Klub

Hipshaker at the Kitty Cat Klub

Hipshaker at the Kitty Cat Klub

315 14th Ave. SE

Minneapolis, MN 55414


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Despite what those LiveLinks commercials tell us, being on the prowl is more fun than picking up a phone. That said, finding an event that manages to be flirty without feeling like a meat market can be tough. Thankfully, Hipshaker dance night has been bringing the ladies out to the clubs for almost a decade. The soul and funk party, spun by DJs Greg Waletski and Brian Engel, is hosted at the Kitty Cat Klub and happens on the second Thursday of the month. The evening typically starts out with classic tunes, and ladies who know some smooth moves warm up the dance floor and strut their stuff. As the evening progresses, the music gets a little more random and a little more youthful. The crowd does as well, with sensitive Uptown hipsters, friendly U of M students, and a handful of crustcore kids filling out the energized scene. The music is sensual and joyfully beat-heavy, which makes random dance hookups all the more fun. Be forewarned though: Barhoppers looking to bump and grind, hump dance, or grope would be better received at some loud club filled with dudes in Ed Hardy T-shirts and two-for-one Jell-O shooters.

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Oh god, please don't come to Hipshaker if you're "on the prowl." We are there to dance, not to get picked up. I will bite you, but not in a sexual way.


Where do you meet people you date Tugboattramp? Friends of friends, coworkers, or internet exclusively? Why do people in Minnesota tend to be so frigid, closed-off, callous, and cliquey? Ask transplants what they think trying to meet people in MN is like and this is what I hear again and again in some form, I experience it too. I like dancing as well, which is frustrating because the Twin Cities has a strange dearth of places to dance if you're not a grinding humping da club going "Ed Hardy T-shirts" wearing type. At the places where dancing does occur, people seem to be reticent to dance too much or too out there, and not open to engaging with others.


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