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Best Neighborhood for Shopping Minneapolis 2012 - Selby and Snelling

Selby and Snelling

167 N. Snelling Ave.

St Paul, MN 55104

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Merriam Park's Selby and Snelling intersection has really stepped up its game in the past few years. Once little more than a quiet spot to grab coffee and browse vintage clothing, it's quickly becoming a full-fledged shopping district that just might give nearby Grand Avenue a run for its money. Aside from a Starbucks sitting on the corner, nearly every business in the area is independent and locally owned. Secondhand mainstays Lula Vintage and Go Vintage are joined by Up Six and Everyday People Clothing Exchange, as well as the more upscale BlackBlue, which outfitted Bon Iver's Justin Vernon for his 2012 Grammy appearance, and Brow Chic, a sophisticated shop tucked away in a courtyard. Even the lingerie boutique Flirt has taken notice of the intersection, recently moving to Snelling from its digs on Grand Avenue. Add a Patina gift shop and we think it's safe to say that Selby and Snelling has officially made it.

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The amount of incorrect information in this paragraph is outstanding. The best- of issue is very important to readers as well as small businesses, and it is now clear to me that the writers have not been to the places they are writing up. More concerning than the fact that the writers of the city pages are not doing their jobs is that the editors of the city pages are not doing their jobs either- there was clearly no fact-checking in many of these articles. Black Blue is not located on this corner - They are located on Selby and Dale - 3 miles away. Allee Metro Chic moved in October of last year. Flirt has been located on this corner for nearly 3 years. Up Six moved to this corner long before Go Vintage. There is now an incredibly beautiful, upscale brow and lash boutique in the carriage house that was once Allee, a business called Brow Chic that has gotten an incredible amount of positive response as St. Paul's first brow and lash boutique. Unfortunately, Brow Chic was not mentioned at all in this article. There is potential for all of these small businesses to suffer because of the laziness of the city pages staff, and I hope that the writers and editors understand the position their laziness has put these businesses in. City Pages - you just lost a reader. Vitamn, here I come.

Rena D.
Rena D.

Allee Metro Chic is no longer tucked away in a courtyard. They're down on Selby by Cheeky Monkey now.

St Paulie
St Paulie

I am just trying to figure out if the person who wrote this has ever been to St. Paul-let alone this corner. First things first- BlackBlue is like 3 miles down the street from this intersection (in Minneapolis speak it would be like saying that The Walker Art Center is the crowning piece to the Lyndale/Lake Street intersection). Secondly, Allee Metro Chic moved away from this intersection in September 2011- a whopping 7 months ago. And lastly yes Lula has been rocking it for like 20 years on this intersection but Up Six Vintage was around YEARS before Go Vintage and Everyday People "joined" the intersection... But hey, at least you got Patina and Starbucks right...


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