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Best Neighborhood Café (St. Paul) Minneapolis 2012 - Colossal Cafe

Colossal Cafe

Colossal Cafe

2315 Como Ave.

St Paul, MN 55108


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The morning sunshine stretches and yawns across the tawny, cherrywood floors, lazily moving across the room as the daylight hours pass. The young, friendly servers are eager to explain each item on the menu, and they often stop to talk with customers. The new Colossal Café in St. Anthony Park isn't a cramped and tiny, ironically named joint like the original in Minneapolis. The vibe is quieter, homier, and generally a bit nicer. The food is just as tasty as at the original location. The yeasted flappers are enormous and fluffy, and they're served with real maple syrup. The pastry case holds mammoth cinnamon rolls, flips, biscuits, and the occasional potpie to take home for a hearty little dinner. All the sandwiches are served on dense, house-made bread. Everything about the room is open and welcoming, while the food and coffee invite guests to stay and chat awhile.

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