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Best Lake Minneapolis 2012 - Cedar Lake

Cedar Lake

2100 Cedar Lake Parkway

Minneapolis, MN 55416


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Readers' Choice: Lake Calhoun

The northernmost body of water in Minneapolis's Chain of Lakes is also the cleanest and has the most rustic feel. Cedar Lake features unpaved walking paths, and it doesn't have a road around the lake for cars, which makes for a blissfully quiet atmosphere. Swimmers have three beaches to choose from, so they can consider the time of day and choose one for maximum (or minimum) sun exposure. Cedar boasts far fewer non-wildlife amenities than its southern siblings Harriet and Calhoun (there's no snack bar, for one), and that should be considered a blessing. The vibe at any of Cedar's beaches can usually be described as chill, and time spent there can be a great stress reliever. Those looking for a little excitement, or just camaraderie with strangers, can often find it at Hidden Beach, which is not as hidden or popular as in years past, but it still attracts some colorful characters. Anglers have been known to have good luck at Cedar, too. Overall, trees are abundant and fast-moving crowds are not; if it's a perfect Minnesota summer day and you can't relax here, you might be a hopeless case.

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Brownie is a lake that is there now. It's located past Cedar, but has limited access. Rent a kayak at calhoun and ask the staff for directions or check out the map on the east side of the rental building.


i heard they're going to add a new lake called "brownie lake". soon cedar wont be the northernmost anymore.