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Best Kid-Friendly Restaurant Minneapolis 2012 - Brasa



600 E. Hennepin Ave.

Minneapolis, MN 55414


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Every parent understands the cold-sweat terror that comes from trying to eat out with young, hungry children. The panic rises as their restlessness grows: Will the food come before their full-on freak-out? Will you be the object of scorn from other diners? Worse, can the kids order anything that isn't scraped from the bottom of the nutritional slop barrel? That's why it pays to have Brasa in your back pocket. With two locations, one in each city, it's easy to get to, and the concrete floors make kids easy to clean up after. The food is responsibly farmed, free of chemicals, and abounding in delicious vegetable options. The slow-cooked food is delectable, for kids and their parents (both restaurants are owned by James Beard Award-winning chef Alex Roberts). The staff is quick to serve the kiddies their drinks with lids and straws, and the kids' menu is full of cute distractions.

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abounding in delicious vegetable options?! the kids menu sides consists of: rice&beans, cornbread w/honey butter, cheese grits, plantains, chips & guac, crispy yuca, & a green salad. that is a bunch of carbs, except for the salad.. is brasa tasty? yes. particularly healthy? not really.


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