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Best Heckler Minneapolis 2012 - Michael "Sammy" Samuelson

A fixture at Twins and Gopher basketball games for over three decades, Michael "Sammy" Samuelson is diminutive, but his size belies his fireplug personality. Even more impressive, Samuelson lost an arm to cancer years ago and is fighting both a failing kidney and blood cancer, but that doesn't keep him from harassing opposing teams and underperforming local athletes with the gusto of a man twice his size and in full health. Easily able to shout down a New York Yankee from the upper deck, Samuelson also relies on his wits to conjure up such bizarre gibes as "Gerald Laird, war criminal!" (an apparent affront to the Tigers' backup catcher, who shares a last name with Richard Nixon's former secretary of defense). Thanks to his enterprising nature, Sammy gloms tickets on the cheap in nearly every section. Look for him this year, or better still, listen to his impressive heckles, and join him in the fun.

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Here's my most recent heckle from last week's Texas Rangers game. When Mark Trumbo came up to bat I yelled out to him " Don't name names! Don't name names!" during his next at bat I then began to shout out "I'm Spartacus!" and "No, I'm Spartacus." Of course both of these heckles were bases on the similarity in the names of both Mark and Dalton Trumbo - who was a screenwriter back in the 1950-60's and was blacklisted by the Un-Americans witch hunt conducted by then Wisconsin Sen. McCarthy. Hence the don't name names chant. And movie star Kirk Douglas insisted that Dalton Trumbo write up his film "Spartacus" in spite of him being blacklisted as part of the "Hollywood Ten". So that's where I got the "I'm Spartacus" line.

The key to any heckle is to be obscure, loug and non- profane


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