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Best Furniture Repair Minneapolis 2012 - Miller Upholstering

Miller Upholstering

3614 E. Lake St.

Minneapolis, MN 55406


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Imagine the furniture upholsterer, an old man toiling away in a dungeon of a shop, working long hours, squinting under the din of an archaic sewing machine. Then consider Helen Miller of Miller Upholstering, who since 2001 has been challenging that stereotype. Miller's enthusiasm for the art of upholstery, as well as for furniture history and textile design, is one she shares openly with customers and amateur upholsterers through her informative blog, a Facebook page, and in her East Lake Street store, which provides a one-stop shop for the do-it-yourselfer to not only buy supplies and fabrics but to pick up some books (or pick her brain) for instruction on the craft. In addition to taking custom orders for upholstery and soft home furnishings, Miller sells vintage restored furniture, cushions, and fabric in her shop and on Etsy.

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That actually was pretty good imagery in the first part of this paragraph and how you described Miller's enthusiasm for the art of upholstery. We're looking to get a couple stains out of our couches, but nothing seems to work and I'm worried some products will ruin my white couch. What does upholstery do differently than products available at stores? Hopefully we can get these stains out without too much trouble!


It is a great thing that she is doing and that is to share her expertise with others. That is certainly a rare thing to do for entrepreneurs who most often than not, will not expose their secrets, what more share them with others. Her store sounds so practical and has everything that a person might need for his/her own upholstering at home. Will definitely engage her services when my furniture needs a treatment in future.


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