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Best Fries Minneapolis 2012 - The Amsterdam Bar and Hall

The Amsterdam Bar and Hall

The Amsterdam Bar and Hall

6 W. 6th St.

St. Paul, MN 55102


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The first thing you need to do when eating the Twin Cities' best fries is to stop worrying about your breath. Yes, these French fries come topped with raw onions, and no, you shouldn't just eat around them. Potatoes and onions are one of those perfect flavor combinations, and it's not to be shied away from. If you're already part of a couple, a little temporary onion breath shouldn't be a deal-breaker (or just get your significant other to eat some too), and if you're on a first date (or on the prowl), well, bring a travel toothbrush or something. When you order "frites" at the Amsterdam, you'll want to enjoy them to the fullest. These fries are cooked Belgian-style and are perfectly seasoned, full of flavor but not too salty. They're skin-on and hearty, but not so big as to get soggy. Most of the fries come out perfectly crisp on the outside and soft in the middle, with the little ones rendered deliciously crunchy throughout. Even the condiments here are superior versions. There are seven house-made varieties to choose from, with herb-garlic mayo and curry ketchup being standouts as fry-dippers.

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