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Best Director Minneapolis 2012 - Wendy Knox

It's impossible to separate Frank Theatre from its hard-working founder. Knox's work with the company has been some of the most impressive on local stages over the past two decades. Throughout the last year, Knox was still taking chances. You wouldn't think Cabaret would have a home with the same company that tackled Fucking A, but Knox and the talented cast found both the heart and the darkness in the musical look at the last days of Weimar Germany. At the end of the year, she and Joe Leary combined to give a raspberry to Christmas cheer in The Santaland Diaries. In between, there was Ajax in Iraq, in which the ancient Greek story merged with modern-day American soldiers in an equally confusing combat situation. It wasn't a perfect production, but it was brought to the stage with the same direct honesty that marks all of Knox's work, and it's what makes her such a singular Twin Cities artist whose work is always worth watching.

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Stirling Callander
Stirling Callander

YEAH!!!!!! Having Flash backs to the Rooster Room, Congrats Wendy


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