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Best Clothing Store (Women) Minneapolis 2012 - Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack

324 W. Market

Minneapolis, MN 55425


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Readers' Choice: Primp

Building a decent women's wardrobe in Minneapolis/St.Paul has its challenges. We're rich with thrift, vintage, and boutique stores, but finding a one-stop shop for women that's moderately priced is a bit harder. We do have one option that falls between a major department store and an on-sale retail outlet: Nordstrom Rack at Mall of America. It's conveniently located at an entrance, so you don't have to look like one of the mall's infamous speed-walkers to get there. Nordstrom Rack, also known to fashionistas as "Nordstrom Crack" because of its addictive nature, has designer duds at lower prices than the flagship store and features a wide array of sizes. There are even special events for those with shoe sizes in the double digits. Accessories are a great buy here, as purses and jewelry are always top-notch, and if you need underthings or even hair and body care, there's plenty of that, too. Ladies as busy as they are stylish will appreciate the Rack when there's no time to stop off at different shops all over town.

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I always find what I need at any Nordstrom Rack store at 50-60% off the original price.  I visited their Sacramento outlet at Creekside Town Center and I was amazed by the array of choices – from comfortable shoes to sandals and clothes. I was able to find petite sizes, too. Nordstrom has always been on the high end, but with the Nordstrom Rack, I can spend money without the guilt.


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