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Best Clothing Store (Men) Minneapolis 2012 - Mills Fleet Farm

Mills Fleet Farm

8400 Lakeland Ave. N.

Brooklyn Park, MN 55445


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Readers' Choice: Heimie's Haberdashery

Though economists, politicians, and pundits alike swear our nation is on the upswing, with each month's again-overdrawn checking account and increasingly fraying pair of jeans, it's abundantly clear: Many of us are still in recession mode. So while some might consider the "best clothing store" to mean fine men's attire, this year we advise you to set your sights on the outer-ring suburbs and Mills Fleet Farm. With locations in Brooklyn Park, Blaine, and Oakdale, the Brainerd-based upper Midwest chain sells not only hardware, tools, farm supplies, and hunting and fishing equipment, but also Dickies, Wrangler, Levi's, Carhartt, and CAT. At Fleet Farm, a pair of jeans will set you back only $15 to $40, and they'll hold up better than the distressed, pre-torn styles you'll find at the mall and in many boutiques. Consider its selection of bib overalls and trapper hats, duck jackets and flannels, and you'll see it's the real deal for working-class fashion that's been all the rage from '90s grunge to '10s hipsters — a style many Minnesotans will assert hasn't gone out of fashion since their grandpappy's day.

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Seriously City Pages? Things like this make me question your entire best of list.


Really!!!! Don't get me wrong I love fleet farm but to name it best clothing store for men is preposterous !!!!!!


I completely agree. That is ridiculous. There are plenty of men's boutiques in the Twin Cities doing a great job that should be supported.


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