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Best Caribbean Restaurant Minneapolis 2012 - Marla's Caribbean Cuisine

Marla\'s Caribbean Cuisine

Marla's Caribbean Cuisine

3761 Bloomington Ave. S.

Minneapolis, MN 55407


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Aside from their glowing remarks about the authenticity of the jerk and their urging you to start your meal with a "double" (a sandwich-like creation that nestles richly curried chickpeas between disks of fried bread), Marla's regulars will tell you, "There's hot, and then there's Marla's hot." They are referring to the preferred level of heat of the restaurant's proprietress, Marla Jadoonanan, a native of Trinidad and Tobago and the sister of Harry Singh, another famous Twin Cities purveyor of ridiculously hot Caribbean dishes. For spice junkies, Marla's is a mecca, and if you recognize this Powderhorn eatery as a place you've driven by but never visited, move it to the top of your list. A whole world of flavors is represented here, from the strange-sounding but perfectly married Caribbean Chowmein to the Indian-influenced dahlpourie roti (a flatbread filled with ground split peas rolled up with any kind of curried meat you can imagine) to the slightly milder yucca with salted cod. Sure, a Red Stripe would be a great antidote to all this serious spice, but the one thing Marla's lacks is a liquor license. Order the refreshing and tangy sorrel drink, or experience the tropical cool provided by the peanut punch — both are made in-house.

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The only thing worse than the food here is the owner and her concept of customer service.  She asked me how my food was (it was my first visit) so I gave her my honest opinion (the food was soaking in grease / oil... kinda disgustingly sloppy for jerk pork.) 

She said, "ok" -- made no attempt to ask if there was anything she could do to improve or make the dining experience better.  

So when I got home I wrote a review about not only the food, but about her lack of interest in my thoughts.  She promptly attempted to have my review pulled from Yelp and Google Plus.  I had also written about my experience on Marla's FB page (after she'd flagged those reviews) and she deleted my comments.

Enjoy at your own risk.  What a jerk.


Yeah, Marla's has some of the most delicious dishes I've ever eaten.


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