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Best Breakfast Minneapolis 2012 - Sun Street Breads

Sun Street Breads

Sun Street Breads

4600 Nicollet Ave.

Minneapolis, MN 55419


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Readers' Choice: Keys Café

Whether you favor sweets for your morning meal or lean more toward the savory end of the spectrum, the X factor of any good breakfast is the bread. Many an otherwise decent breakfast sandwich has been ruined by a dry biscuit, and everyone knows that maple syrup and cinnamon-flecked custard, no matter how rich and eggy, can't save French toast if it was made using lackluster bread. Clearly, Solveig Tofte, owner of Sun Street and former head baker at Turtle Bread, recognizes this. More important, she has the skill and dedication to produce exceptional loaves inspired by local ingredients and local history, which are the backbone of Sun Street's cafe menu. All the breakfast sandwiches feature the same tender-crumbed, perfectly crusty, butter-loaded biscuit, but if you're feeling particularly indulgent, order the Southern Fried Biscuit Sandwich. As the name suggests, this ode to delectable saturated fats features a hunk of crunchy fried chicken, smoky bacon, and a peppery sausage gravy that you won't believe came out of a northerner's kitchen. Sun Street's ever-popular sourdough pancakes provide a welcome flavor shake-up to a morning classic. The deep-fried mashed potato balls will make you wonder why anyone ever eats hash browns. And for those killjoys who go out to breakfast and just order granola, Sun Street's is house-made. Need that midday sugar fix? Tofte's cookies and pastries — especially the cardamom-scented Downtowners — are just as good as her bread.

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Jason Dorweiler
Jason Dorweiler

Ill have to try this place out, especially when a place that prides themselves on baking wins best breakfast.

Keith Ranning
Keith Ranning

I cannot wait to try Sun Bakery. My grandmother(Andrea Eide) arrived from Norway at a site now called Tofte along with my greatgrandparets and the Toftes at the turn ot the century. She made the BEST BUNS IN THE WORLD in her wood burning iron stove. I'm hoping Solveig has some of those old recipes.


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