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Best Bartender Minneapolis 2012 - Jesse Held at Eat Street Social

Jesse Held at Eat Street Social

Jesse Held at Eat Street Social

18 W. 26th St.

Minneapolis, MN 55408


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The expectation of what makes a great bartender has changed over time. Once it was a man who poured whiskey and kept secrets. Tom Cruise gave rise to the expectation of bottle twirling and giving the ladies a little something extra. These days a bar man is becoming known for his ability to heighten any dining experience through an artful presentation and a glass of complex, flavorful booze. At the moment, no one does that better than Jesse Held, who has popped up behind many of the best bars in town, from Town Talk to the Inn to now Eat Street Social. Held isn't content to just pour a killer cocktail, he also has been doing some major legwork for the Northstar Bartenders Guild. He's tweeting, updating the Facebook page, helping organize events, and getting the word out about new ingredients and ways to enhance a drink's flavor. He's a busy guy, but there's not one bit of frenetic energy evident in his demeanor. With a Dude-like barrette holding back his hair and his easy, kind smile, it's hard to believe this is the guy helping to lead a new cocktail revolution. But he is, and our evenings are tastier for it.

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Christopher Greenfield
Christopher Greenfield

Congrats to my friend Jesse! He is a true artist with mad bartending and organizational skills that blow me away constantly! Do yourself a service and go visit him and all of his talented cohorts at Eat Street!


Jesse is a nice guy but best bartender in the city ?!?!? Please...


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