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Best Vodka Minneapolis 2011 - Referent Horseradish Vodka at Moscow on the Hill

Referent Horseradish Vodka at Moscow on the Hill

Referent Horseradish Vodka at Moscow on the Hill

371 Selby Ave.

St. Paul, MN 55102


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The Liberman family's immigration from Moscow to Minnesota nearly 20 years back is a yarn bottled with history...and horseradish. The Libermans own Moscow on the Hill in St. Paul, and within its inviting confines drinkers can enjoy nearly 300 vodkas from around the globe. Among them is Referent, a horseradish-infused vodka that was initially crafted for in-house consumption and is now also bottled for sale. The infusion dates back to the days of Communist Russia, when recipients of rationed vodka used creative flavorings to amp up a taste that was regarded as sub-Karkov. Moscow employees will acknowledge that the "original" Referent is what you enjoy at the restaurant; for the retail bottles crafted at 45th Parallel Distillery in nearby New Richmond, Wisconsin, the vodka undergoes a four-part distillation process that gives the product a cleaner appearance when presented on the shelves of bars and liquor stores. Either purchase is worthy, unique, and delicious. Try a chilled "pickle shot" at Moscow—a few frosty Referents after dinner (served with a sweet pickle) are an ideal digestif. And on the opposite side of the day, the horseradish flavor acts as an excellent base for a bloody Mary.

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Besides enormous variety of vodka it is one of the best place in Twin city to spend quality time. Food is so grate! Excellent service. Cozy atmosphere. We like it a lot!


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