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Best Undiscovered Neighborhood Minneapolis 2011 - Victory Neighborhood, Minneapolis

Victory Neighborhood, Minneapolis

2200 44th Ave. N.

Minneapolis, MN 55412


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A part of the Camden community of north Minneapolis, the Victory neighborhood derives its name from Victory Memorial Drive, a regal and historic parkway dedicated to Hennepin County soldiers who died in World War I that runs through the neighborhood and features stately trees planted in memory of the fallen men, as well as a majestic flagpole and several statues. Most of the housing in the neighborhood was built during a period of growth in the 1920s and '30s, when tradesmen and middle managers from local manufacturers moved to the area because it was close to their jobs and had easy streetcar access to downtown. Many of the neighborhood's Craftsman-style bungalows and Tudors have been lovingly cared for over the years and are affordable alternatives to similar homes in other parts of the city, with access to beautiful parks and other amenities. The community takes great care in preserving its picturesque green spaces and the historic integrity of the parkway, and neighbors gather frequently at garage sales, ice cream socials, concerts, and a corner building that houses both a cheery coffee shop, Steamworks Coffee & Tea, and the renowned chef-driven gastropub Victory 44.

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Justin Time
Justin Time

Victory is about as "undiscovered" as the Americas before Columbus. Is the writer a recent transplant to the Cities? Thousands of us have known about North Minneapolis for a long time. It seems it is only the media that "rediscover" the neighborhoods of North every few years, that is, when they aren't freaking out and saying how scary and dangerous it is. Sadly, the political leadership of Minneapolis seems to take its cues from ridiculous coverage like this and treats North like some distant frontier--somewhere nice to visit and keep as a resource, but not really worth investing in.


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