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Best TV Weatherperson Minneapolis 2011 - Sven Sundgaard, KARE 11

Sven Sundgaard, KARE 11

8811 Olson Memorial Highway

Golden Valley, MN 55427


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Readers' Choice: Sven Sundgaard, KARE 11

Okay. We admit it. Every time KARE 11's weather stud Sven Sundgaard appears on camera with his spiky blond locks standing at attention in Norse-god glory, we want to reach through the TV screen in a moment of virtual ecstasy and just muss the heck out them. It's distracting, really, and it leaves us consumed with guilt. Shouldn't we be admiring his acumen with all those dancing icons and animations on the weather map? Shouldn't we be tuning in to see him brave real Minnesota weather? Yes, we should. And we tune in for another reason, too: Sven is so utterly and completely the embodiment of those myths we keep telling ourselves about who Minnesotans are supposed to be. He grew up in St. Paul and the suburbs. He went to college in St. Cloud. He got his first job in Duluth. He vacations in Scandinavia. He speaks Norwegian. When he warns us about a twister or impending Snowmageddon, the guy practically oozes lutefisk.

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I like Sven. What a transformation from when he first arrived on set of Kare 11 in the ill-fitting suits. But...what happend? Sven is no longer on at 10pm...relagated to obscurity in thr pre-dawn hours with McNiff and others. Why?

ProHost Entertainment
ProHost Entertainment

Aww How could you NOT love Sven! He is such a great guy, does a great job and the hair is FAB! :) We all love you here at ProHost Entertainment!!


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