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Best Thai Restaurant Minneapolis 2011 - Nong's Thai Cuisine

Nong\'s Thai Cuisine

Nong's Thai Cuisine

2520 Hillsboro Ave.

Golden Valley, MN 55427


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Nong's Thai Cuisine in Golden Valley is more evidence that strip malls just might be the best place to find ethnic cuisine. The location is fairly generic—remove the images of the Thai king hanging on the wall and you could easily make the space a mini-Embers—but the food is authentic. A refreshing salty-yet-sweet papaya salad is the first clue, while red curry swimming with giant scallops is another big hint. Pad Thai that isn't sickly sweet (and also doesn't come in an insanely outsized portion) will make you thankful you made the suburban trek. A lunch buffet lets you tackle as many dishes as you can stomach, and considering the background of chef Nong—who has cooked at Sawatdee, True Thai, and Taste of Thailand, to name a few—you'll want to strap into your eatin' pants first.

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Do you even know thai food?


you ok bill? I think Nong's great!


Seriously, Nongs? What a joke, Nong cooked at three total shitholes, Sawatdee, True Thai, and Taste of Thailand. And now your calling this the "best Thai restraunt"? Pull your heads out of your asses.


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